How much does your meal plan cost? After you complete the questionnaire, you can see the current price of the diet plan and your payment options.

What will happen after I place an order? When you order, we begin crafting your plan based on your answers to our questions. We always double-check all plans to make sure you get the best possible plan.

My payment was declined – why? If your payment was declined, double-check all the information you provided and the expiration date on your card. You may also try using a different card, if you have one. Please contact your credit card company or bank if that doesn’t help.

Why aren't your meal plans free? We work with the best nutrition specialists to prepare highly personalized meal plans that will help our customers reach their individual goals. It takes a lot of knowledge and effort to guarantee the best possible results.

What if I want a refund? If you are not satisfied with your meal plan please reach out to our customer support team at: [email protected]. Please note that as our Agreement consists of Digital Content there is no cancellation or withdrawal of the Agreement.


I didn't receive my plan. What should I do? It doesn't happen often, but if you don't get your plan within 24 hours, please check your spam folder. In some cases this timeframe can be longer, however, the maximum time to receive a meal plan should take no more than 72 hours. If you did not receive your diet please contact us at [email protected]

What do I pay for? You pay for access to your digital personalized ketogenic recipes and a shopping list. All recipes include instructions on how to cook the meals, list of ingredients and their macros information. Additionally you can print your recipes as well as a shopping list.

Can I see part of the plan before I make a purchase? Sure. You will find it at the bottom of the summary page, which you can access after completing the questionnaire.

Can I share my meal plan with other people? Each recipe is for one person only, but it wouldn't harm anyone to try your meal. However, the whole plan is designed so you could meet your personal goal – that's why it won't work for another person. If your friends want to try keto diet, we encourage you to share a link to this page with them, so they can get their own personalized diet plan.

Do I have to stick to the recipe ingredients? No, you can use substitutes (see our list of useful substitutes attached to your plan). However, we encourage you to pay attention to their nutrition values – in order to reach your goals, try to use products with values as similar as possible.

Will I get a hard copy of my diet plan? No, you will only get electronic access to your plan. We do not send you hard copies. However, you can print the plan yourself – once you access your plan, the printing option will be visible.

I want to change the products included in my plan – what do I do? In your meal plan you have the "Replace Recipe" option - when you click on it you will see a list with alternative recipes that you can select if you don't like the one recommended to you originally. Our recipe database is quite large, so we might be able to accommodate the plan to your tastes. Please contact us at [email protected] and give our specialists some time to get back to you with another plan.

I'm not losing weight on the plan – why? There might be a whole number of reasons why you’re not losing weight, so it’s hard to give a definite answer.
Make sure you are following the plan – even innocent cheating now and then may influence the results. This includes sweetened drinks like soda.
If you use a lot of substitutes – pay better attention to their nutrition values. You might think they are similar, but you won’t be sure until you check it.
If you’re sure none of the above applies, think about consulting a physician – you might have some health related issues you weren’t aware of.


What is a Keto diet? A ketogenic diet is distinctive for its high-fat and low-carb intake (but adequate when it comes to protein), which forces your body to burn fats in place of carbs. The ketogenic diet may help you reduce your blood sugar, which in turn influences insulin levels and leads to weight-loss.

Is this diet safe? If you are healthy, then yes, it is completely safe. You have to remember though, that every person is different – that’s why if any of these 3 apply to you, you should consult a physician before starting the diet: ★ You have diabetes and take prescription drugs.
★ You have to take medication for high blood pressure.
★ You are breastfeeding.

How it works? When you stop eating carbs and your meals consist mostly of protein and fats, your body enters into a state called ketosis. Ketosis is a metabolic state caused by reduced intake of carbs. Once your body enters such state, it starts to burn fat to gain energy, which helps you get in shape.

How much time will it take to get into ketosis? It depends, but usually it takes up to few weeks to feel good while on keto diet. At the beginning, you may experience something called “keto flu” caused by withdrawal of carbs, which includes dizziness, muscle aches, nausea, irritability and drowsiness, although the symptoms vary from person to person. However, when it passess, you’ll forget what carb cravings feel like.

How do I know if I entered ketosis? The most reliable tests are of course blood and urine tests, as well as breathalysers. There are some other signs you can observe on your own – such as keto breath when you wake up (fruity, metallic taste) and mental sharpness.

How fast will I lose weight on the keto diet? Results vary because everyone has a different body. People with faster metabolism and people who exercise regularly will see weight loss sooner than someone with a slow metabolism or someone who is mostly sedentary.

Can I exercise while on Keto diet? It all depends on what you understand by exercising. If you’re a cardio person, then yes, you can still go jogging or biking. If you lift weights, you may want to be more careful.
Carbs do help with both muscle recovery and workout performance. In order to stay safe, we recommend you to consult your personal trainer before working out on keto diet.

How often should I eat? You should eat every 3–4 hours. During the gaps you shouldn’t snack, but rather take your snacks into consideration when planning the meal schedule for the day.

What should I drink on my diet? The best drink is always water. That’s what your body needs and what keeps you hydrated. Sugar-free tea or coffee are also good. You can drink a glass of wine on special occasions.